People Writers

Graham Alborough
Same Hole Deeper (1998)

Tracy Alexandra
Waiting 2006 It’s My Party

Michael Allen
Mr Beresford (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

Maxwell Anderson
Key Largo (1995)

John Robin Baitz
the Substance of Fire (1996)

Charlotte Beedell
Waiting 2006 the One That Got Away

Pameli Benham
Waiting 2006 Lily’s Waiting Game

Fi Benson
Brunel and Partners 2006

Chris Bond
You’re Not Singing Any More (2004; New Musical Showcase)

Dion Boucicault
How She Loves Him (1996)

Lesley Bown and Ann Gawthorpe
Waiting 2006 What I Did in the Holidays

Mark Breckon
the Camp (2001)

Brock Norman Brock
Here Is Monster (1991)

Moira Buffini
Blavatsky’s Tower (1999)

Fanny Burney
a Busy Day (1993)
the Witlings (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

Michele Celeste
Opera Buffa (20Xx Rehearsed Reading)
the Price of Meat (1999)

George Colman the Younger
Inkle and Yarico (1990)

Anne Commire
Starting Monday (1991)

Pierre Corneille
the Illusion (1995)

Mary Corner
Waiting 2006 All Fall Down

Nick Discombe
Brunel and Partners 2006

Laura Jayne Dixon
Waiting 2006 Waiting Room

Chris Down
Waiting 2006 Waiting

Katie Dunn
Waiting 2006 to Someone I Hate With Love

Frank Dunne
Players and Painted Stage (1994)

Christopher Durang
Beyond Therapy (1988)

Nick Enright
Good Works (1997)

Bernard Farrell
the Last Apache Reunion (1998)

Bruce Fellows
Waiting 2006 a Snip

Brian Friel
Living Quarters (1991)

Alexander Galin
Stars in the Morning Sky (1989)

Michael Gow
Away (1993)

Philip Gross
Rising Star (1996; Rehearsed Reading)

Sheila Hannon
Double Vision (1986; With Nick Thomas)
Sail or Return (1987; With Nick Thomas)
Going Home (Sos With Bbc Radio Britol)
Double Jeopardy (1996; Rehearsed Reading)
Gender Offender (1997 Rehearsed Reading)
a Journey to Bristol (1998; from John Hippisley)
an Audience With Sarah Guppy (2006)

Caroline Harrington
All We Like Sheep (1997; Rehearsed Reading)

Steve Hennessy
Act of Union (1997; Rehearsed Reading)

Tom Henry
Waiting 2006 Reappraising Your Inner Infant

John Hippisley
a Journey to Bristol (1998)

Tom Holland
the Importance of Being Frank (1991)

Ron Hutchinson
Lags (2001)

Tony Kushner
the Illusion (1995)

Gareth Lloyd
Waiting 2006 Launderette

Vanessa Loud
Waiting 2006 Breastless

Robert David Macdonald
in Quest of Conscience (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

Rosemary Mason
the Higher the Monkey Climbs (Rehearsed Reading)
Queen Vinegar (1992)

Andrew May
Waiting 2006 Walking in Camden

Thomas Middleton
the Lady’s Tragedy (1994)

Arthur Miller
Broken Glass (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

Shiona Morton
Waiting 2006 Standing Time
Brunel and Partners 2006 Celeb

Hattie Naylor
Waiting 2006 Esse

Peter Nichols
Blue Murder (1995)
So Long Life (2000)
Nicholodeon (2000)

Louis Nowra
the Golden Age (1992)

Dominic Power
Tales of the Undead (1989)

Manuel Puig
Mystery of the Rose Bouquet (1995)

Craig Raine
’1953’ (1994)

Peter Reynolds
Fit (1997; Rehearsed Reading)
Cliffhanger (1992)

Ian Rowlands
New South Wales (1997; Rehearsed Reading)

Tony Rowlands
Into the Sudan (1996; Rehearsed Reading)

Diane Samuels
Kindertransport (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

William Shakespeare
Pericles (1990)
Measure for Measure (1992)

Adele Edling Shank
Rocks in Her Pocket (1993)

Paul Slabolepszy
Fordsburg’s Finest (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

Ach Smith
Pericles (1990; from Shakespeare)

Phil Smith
Hotel Ufo (1997; Rehearsed Reading)

Joshua Sobol
Ghetto (1998; Rehearsed Reading)

Githa Sowerby
a Man and Some Women (1994)

Catharine Stott
Waiting 2006 What to Do when You Can’t Sleep It off

Terence Strachan
Abuela (1993)

John Telfer
You’re Not Singing Any More (2004; New Musical Showcase)

John Thelwall
Incle and Yarico (2007; Rehearsed Reading)

Nick Thomas
Double Vision (1986; With Sheila Hannon)
Sail or Return (1987; With Sheial Hannon)
Hanging the Landscape (1989)
Inkle and Yarico (1990; from Colman the Younger)

Adam Tindall
Waiting 2006 One Day but Not Today

Rina Vergano
Waiting 2006 Meat to Please You

Bob Walton
Waiting 2006 out the Back

John Webster
the Devil’s Law Case (1989)

Amanda Whittington
the Wills’ Girls (2002/3)

Claire Williamson
Waiting 2006 Loyalty and Dignity

James Wilson
Let’s Do It (1990)
Rough Music (1996)

John Christopher Wood
Elsie and Norm’s Macbeth (2000)

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TRADING LOCAL is 18 new pieces from 18 writers in 18 shops.
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Creative Producer Sheila Hannon co-founded Show of Strength in 1986 and was joined in 2005 by Gill Loats as Associate Producer. Between them they have a wealth of experience and networks in Bristol, across the South-West and beyond.

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Show Of Strength has produced new work in non theatre spaces for over twenty years, and created three informal, intimate and accessible new venues in Bristol – Since 2008 we have taken to the streets and shops and now perform in ‘found’ spaces in and around Bristol.

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Since 1986 Show of Strength has worked with emerging writers, performers and directors at the beginnings of their careers, as well as established and well- known theatre practitioners.

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The 20 Bristol writers selected from 150 who submitted scripts for our 2006 production Waiting.

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In 2004 Show of Strength underwent organisational redevelopment.

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