Frankenstein in Bath Winner of Best Live performance

Winner of Best Live performance, Creative Bath Awards 2017

Delighted to win Best Live Performance at the Creative Bath awards for FRANKENSTEIN IN BATH.

A powerful commitment and presence in Bath. Their performances are spellbinding and thought-provoking. And we praise their campaign for a blue plaque for Frankenstein author Mary Shelley”

Mary Shelley arrived in Bath on 10 September 1816, and wrote much of her book there that autumn and winter. It was published on 1 January 1818. FRANKENSTEIN IN BATH launched in June last year to great reviews. It starts again this year on 1 July, so if you missed it make sure you catch it before January’s 200th anniversary.

Frankenstein in Bath Great reviews for Frankenstein in Bath

Theatre Bath: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is an enthralling story, well told and meticulously researched, with many newly-discovered facts… …You will be entertained, enlightened and horrified in equal measure. Fascinating. Read the full review »

Bath Newseum:

Tragedy and triumph, romance and despair are all woven into a street performance that was both informative and – please forgive the pun – even shocking in its revelations. Read the full review »

Trip Advisor

fascinating… I was spellbound… very good value
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Reviews An Audience With Sarah Guppy - by Sheila Hannon (2006)

Director: Alan Dossor
Performer: Kim Hicks
Designer: James Helps

“…Remarkable …brought science, technology & art together in a unique way.”
-Tony Watkins, Sub Dean, Faculty of Technology, University of Plymouth

“…Virtuosic …vivid portrait of a forgotten Bristolian who played an important part in the Brunel story…”
-Helen Reid, Bristol Evening Post

“…Beautifully constructed, an engaging balance of informative and entertaining… turns a mass of raw material into an enthralling entertainment with breathtaking skill.”
–Shirley Brown, former Theatre Editor, Venue

Reviews Waiting - 20 Monologues at The Southville Centre (2006)

“Innovative, original, magical” – Venue 2006

The title of this all-day event, staged by Show Of Strength Theatre Company, might give visions of bearded scribblers earnestly reading out their stuff from a lectern. Wrong. The 20 pieces were, in fact, short solo playlets, each only a few minutes long, performed by seven actors in nine different spaces in the building.

To see them, you had to rush from room to room, consulting the programme to see what was on next, or what you had missed; or pause in the café to absorb what you’d seen and ask others what they’d seen; or if you so wished, see one you especially liked again. You could find yourself in a room with a mashed-up surfer telling how he got mashed-up but is still lyrical about surfing; you could be listening to the emotional dilemmas of a bullied eight-year-old at her birthday party; you could, memorably, be in the gents’ toilet at a wedding listening to a slightly tipsy guest discourse hilariously about why marriage is OK but weddings are awful.

Particularly moving was Claire Williamson’s piece about a dog with a troubled, suicidal owner. Craig Edwards’s finely-judged canine performance was just heart-stopping. But there was more, much more. This was a theatrical experience unlike any other: the talent of the performers and writers, and their breadth of imagination and range of moods, seemed to compress a whole fringe theatre festival into six hours. The intensity of the images stayed with me for days. Innovative, original, magical. Do it again please.

VENUE, April 2006

Show Of Strenth Theatre Company
WAITING at The Southville Centre 1&2 April 2006

Audience comments/feedback

“Fantastic idea- brilliant idea!! Some great writing and fabulous acting. Please do this again- theatre needs waking up and this feels original and fresh!”

“Worth every penny and a brilliant idea.”

“Please do this again soon.”

“Stunning collection of personal insights, Well Done!”

“Fantastic, well done all of you. One little comp: no mention in the programme of which parts/plays the actors were performing. Otherwise – great! Do it again!”

“Genius. Strong, simple idea: Theatre that is pacey, intimate, engaging and a genuine ‘happening’ Viva S.O.S.”

“Very enjoyable, what talent there is around both in writing and performing!”

“…truly spectacular performances and writing. Look forward to my next SOS.”

“Wonderful, originality and variety and superb acting. More please.”

“Excellent idea- really enjoyed the range of work.”

“Great! The best £5’s worth I’ve had in a long time.”

“Wow! What a fabulous event this is. Brilliant scripts and wonderful actors.”

“Absolutely Brilliant- not had such fun (and tears) for ages.”

“…fantastic afternoon, a mirror to our lives- and a wonderful audience. Thanks.”

“This was a fabulous way to spend an afternoon. Wonderful.”

“A roller coaster of emotions – Great!”

“Wow- what an afternoon-deep, intense, delightful. Thanks for Southville Centre too.”

“Enjoyed the performances. Would have liked to have seen work which represented the cultural diversity of Bristol though.”

“Brilliant, comedy and tragedy in one package. More please.”

“What an achievement- a brave experiment and super successful. Now I want to see the ones I missed… Southville building is perfect on this sunny Sunday.”

“What a fantastic performance! A really moving monologue which very accurately captures the all-too common experiences of waiting for a doctor in a mental health environment. Very well written.” (of All Fall Down)

Reviews Blue Murder – by Peter Nichols (1995)

“Congratulations to Show Of Strength… acerbic, hilarious… Highly recommended to Bristolians and to London producers.” – Sunday Times

“Show Of Strength has a major scoop on its hands …an absolute cracker, as ingenious as it is riotously funny” – Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

“exhilaratingly funny …the jokes are classic.” – Paul Taylor, The Independent

Reviews Blavatsky’s Tower - by Moira Buffini (1999)

“superbly unnerving… Once again, South Bristol’s finest have come up with an absolute gem.” – Tom Phillips, Venue

“amazing… Once again Show Of Strength has picked a winner.” – Helen Reid, Western Daily Press

Reviews The Price of Meat - by Michele Celeste (1999)

“Show Of Strength are on top form this season …brilliantly articulate …vibrant, terrifying and wildly funny. Don’t miss it.” – Tom Phillips, Venue

“…wonderful riot of a play …glorious” – Helen Reid, Western Daily Press

Reviews Elsie & Norm’s Macbeth by John Christopher-Wood (2000)

“…ought to be compulsory viewing …irresistibly silly and endearing. Don’t miss it.” –Helen Reid, Western Daily Press

“sublimely funny” –Venue

Reviews So Long Life - by Peter Nichols (2000)

Stephanie Cole’s “…marvellously manipulative, stupid-shrewd, and fearful Alice …the truthfulness and skill of the writing frequently take the breath away.” – Paul Taylor, The Independent

Stephanie Cole “…on wonderfully baleful form” Peter Nichols “…the most honest and unsparing of writers.” – Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

“…curmudgeonly generosity and sweet-vitriolic humour…” – John Peter, The Sunday Times

Stephanie Cole “terrific” – Jeremy Kingston, The Times

“induces the pained laughter of recognition …lovely performance from Stephanie Cole …touches any number of exposed nerves.” –Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Somewhat predictably, this new SOS production has “unmissable” writen all over it.” –Tom Phillips, Venue

Reviews Lags - by Ron Hutchinson (2001)

“One character tells another: ‘Come in here with expectations low and you might be pleasantly surprised.’ Good advice for a critic; except that I went with expectations high and was far from disappointed.” –Michael Billington, The Guardian

“…exceptional production. …hauntingly sad and beautiful.” –Dominic Cavendish, The Daily Telegraph

“…stunning …the most exciting new play Bristol has seen for many a stretch.” –Jeremy Brien, The Stage

“…intense, compelling …perfectly paced, authentically violent, tough-minded …top-of-the-range ensemble work …watching drama this good is bloody exhilarating. Absolutely recommended.” –Tom Phillips, Venue Magazine

“I doubt if there will be a better new play premiered in the region this year …remarkable.” –Helen Reid, Western Daily Press

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