Theatre is back!

We’re back outside with lots to do and enjoy. Stay well and see you on the story filled streets of Bristol and Bath.

Theatre Walks

Frankenstein in Bath @ Bath Comedy Festival

Frankenstein in Bath

Bigamy, illegitimate children and suicides galore… Tragedy and triumph, romance and despair” — Bath Newseum

It’s the city’s best kept secret: most of FRANKENSTEIN —the book that invented science fiction—was written in Bath.

Three performances coming soon as part of Bath Comedy Festival on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st July 2021

Frankenstein in Bath

Great reviews for Frankenstein in Bath

Theatre Bath: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is an enthralling story, well told and meticulously researched, with many newly-discovered facts… …You will be entertained, enlightened and horrified in equal measure. Fascinating. Read the full review »

Bath Newseum:

Tragedy and triumph, romance and despair are all woven into a street performance that was both informative and – please forgive the pun – even shocking in its revelations. Read the full review »

Trip Advisor

fascinating… I was spellbound… very good value
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