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Blood and Butchery in Bedminster

Blood and Butchery in Bedminster

Bedminsterwhere graves were robbed by body snatchers, and corpses buried in concrete coffins.

Where the old Chinese laundry vanished years ago, and where ‘laundering’ now means money, big money, 13 million, ‘laundered’ through a Bedminster bank.

Where criminals were sentenced to hang in public, their cadavers flayed, their skin tanned and made into…

…the answer is in BLOOD AND BUTCHERY IN BEDMINSTER, — now on Thursdays at 6pm from 8 October, see booking site for availability for the latest.

the best walking tour I’ve ever done” — @WeirdBristol on Twitter

uncanny and macabre… cracking script… consummate performer” — Bristol Life Magazine

a gripping jaunt through the Bedminster underworld… even lifelong BS3 residents will learn something new” — South Bristol Voice

  • Meet/start: outside The Ropewalk, Nelson Parade (BS3 4JA)
  • Tour takes place outdoor. Ends North Street near Hen & Chicken
  • Adults only. Maximum group size 15. Social distancing must be observed with no more than six people together.
  • Possible pause half way round for outside/inside drink if group keen.
  • Ropewalk open if you want to eat/drink first.
  • Cost: £12, advance booking only
  • Lasts: approx. 2 hours
  • Dates + Times: Thursdays at 6pm, please see booking link

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THANK YOU to everybody for being so patient while we rescheduled THEATRE WALKS interrupted by Lockdown.  We'll be adding new dates regularly over the next few months, please check the booking link above for dates.

BLOOD AND BUTCHERY IN BEDMINSTER Performer Sheila Hannon pic Claire Greville
All our walks confirm to the latest government regulations re Covid 19 with full risk assessments carried out. Maximum 6 people to walk together, 2m gaps between self identified groups comprising 1-6 people. Full information here »